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Free SMS, What we learned searching for a Free SMS solution

So last week we spent a some time researching how to send free sms online. We wanted a real 2 way solution. Something we could use not just in an emergency, but as a real option to texting from our own handsets.

Now its not that we are cheap, but who doesn't like to save a buck or two. And like many people we have gone through the experience of misplacing a cell phone at work or having our message credits run out. It happens all the time right? And then there are many times we would like to send sms more than one person at a time, for instance to tell everyone where we are gathering.
We wanted a solution that meet these requirements and that was cheap, easy to navigate and one we could use for the long term. We had high expectations, and set off googling, however we were really quite disappointed. There really were a lot of useless products out there. Many only allowed one to send a text but not receive a response. Those that sent responses sent them to our email address. And none allowed us to text many people at the same time.

We were about to give up when there hiding out on page 6 of the search results we found a site seemed to meet our requirements. We quickly clicked in and we were happy to discover a service that did what we had been looking for and more. Free SMS, Text Blast, Realtime Chat and even a Text Reminder service. It even allowed us to save our colleagues numbers for using time and time again.

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Well, we are now loving this solution. What had started out as a search for a crisis solution, turned into us finding a product that we use every day. We now use the service for keeping in touch throughout the day and even set up birthday and appointment reminders. Now when its time for drinks we just send out a blast letting the entire team know we are meeting. Plus we are saving hundreds of dollars in messaging costs a year!

It just goes to show that it really pays to do your homework and check beyond just the first few lines of search results. Often the solutions that will provide the best solution are new and innovative but have not yet been around long enough to show up on the first few pages of results. And sometimes the ones that are ranked at the top are old useless parked pages for advertising and not really valid products in their own right.

Jan 07


There is a new phone on the road.  HTC has now shown the HTC Surround.  This is a impressive new cellphone from HTC, which is one of the newest smartphones to feature Windows 7 Mobile Operating System.  Windows 7 allows the owner to freely communicate more efficiently and effectively with their current contacts, move and manage information easier, and use the phone functions simpler and more intuitive.  The new HTC Surround is in close resemblance to the HTC HD2 though the HD2 gives the home windows 6.5 OS.

Also with its 3.8-inch touchscreen display and ultra-slim form, the HTC Surround is also the 1st smartphone to incorporate built-in Dolby Cellular and SRS surround appear speakers, additional masking the series amongst house and mobile amusement. The HTC Encompass speakers slide out to expose a kick stand for observing online video beneath its screen. Allowed for use on AT&T\'s actually quick HSPDA 3G network, you will be capable to easily access the web as nicely as easily obtain online video and new music. In addition, with AT&T\'s 3G network, you can make a name whilst also receiving image or textual content messages, sending or receiving e-mail or seeing web web sites. This GPS enabled telephone can entry the AT&T Navigator services for turn-by-turn instructions as nicely as AT&T\'s Picture Reveal service, which lets you to send video clip of by yourself to a different compatible smartphone whilst nonetheless making a tone of voice phone. It\'s driven by a blazingly fast Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon processor chip for a fast mobile data experience. It arrives with a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash and large description 720p picture recording, and integrated 16 GB of memory, entirely supported Wi-fi N Wi-Fi networking, with Bluetooth for hands free units and 2-channel audio new music streaming, an FM radio, and remarkably up to 4 hours of talk time.
 You will be in a position to come across an unlocked htc surround from one of a lot of vendors on the net.  The HTC Surround is a great cellular mobile phone answer for any individual that needs some cellular enjoyment in their lives.

Jan 07

The Motorola Droid 2 is a superior version of the ever popular Droid. With an improved keyboard, 1GHz processor, and PC-like abilities, users will love the sleek design and fast processing speeds. With the wide variety of accessories for the new device, it is not only going to be well protected but it is one of the best equipped smart phones yet.

The Motorola Droid 2 is one of the newest Android models available to smart phone users. Not only does it feature a QWERTY keyboard this smart phone has many other PC like abilities, such as speed. This Droid model features a 1GHz processor, the Adobe Flash Player 10, and can be used as a mobile hotspot. Users of the Droid 2 will also enjoy 512 MB of RAM and 8MB of storage, which can be added to, if users find themselves needing more storage.

There are a few features that make the Droid 2 superior to the original Droid. The first most noticeable is the improved QWERTY keyboard. This model still features a four-row keyboard, except that the keyboard equipped on the Droid 2 has larger, raised keys. These keys have a bit more give, which makes it easier for users to type accurately at higher speeds. Another upgrade is the processor and the amount of RAM. The Droid 2 features a 1 GHz processor, while the original Droid has a 550MHz processor. The Droid 2 also has twice the amount of RAM, which means that this model is twice as fast.

Like every others smart phone in the current market, battery life is one of the most important aspects to this phone. Many Droid users complained that their phone’s battery life left much to be desired. The Droid 2 allows users an estimated 9.6 hours of talk time or 13.1 hours of standby, while the Droid only offered 6.4 hours of talk time or 11.3 hours of standby. Because of the improved battery life, users will find that a great quality and there will be less time wasted on charging your smart phone. The last exciting upgrade included in the Droid 2 is the option of transforming your phone into a mobile hotspot. For an additional $20 a month, users can activate the Wi-Fi hotspot option and connect up to five PCs and other devices, like game consoles, to their phone’s Wi-Fi.

After purchasing a new Droid, many consumers begin to consider their options in Motorola Droid 2 accessories. There is no problem finding accessories as users have a wide variety to choose from. The first accessories that consumers may want to obtain is a hard cover and screen protector. Because accidental damage always tends to happen, these accessories will help protect your phone. Because the Droid 2 is such an advanced mobile phone, it is expensive to replace, even for those that obtain insurance. Protecting your phone in advance may help you avoid having to replace it in the future. After finding a suitable case and screen protector, consumers may then want to consider a Motorola Droid 2 holster. A holster will help users secure their phone onto their belt or other apparel, keeping it both safe and easily accessible.

There are many other accessories that Droid 2 users can enjoy, including additional Motorola Droid 2 chargers, media stations, Bluetooth headsets, and even navigation systems. These allow users to transform their Droid 2 into a multi-use device, instead of just a mobile phone. Although many of these accessories are fun to use, they are optional and it is really up to the user if they decide to use them. The Motorola Droid 2 is an innovative phone that allows users to make phone calls, send text messages, surf the web, and run multiple applications with ease.

Jan 07

Korean tech mogul, Samsung, has released another mid-ranged smart phone called the Samsung Transform, which proceeds the Samsung Moment and the Samsung Intercept. It was released almost two months ago for the mid range price of $150 once users sent in a mail in rebate, and it has gained a small following among bloggers and real life users who have been impressed with the features it includes for its price, such as a tactile QWERTY keyboard in addition to the digital touch screen keyboard, an LED flash and both front and rear facing cameras, and 3.5 inch touch screen. The Samsung Transform has also garnered a small amount of interest as a potential gaming device, although it is not comparable to a dedicated device for gaming such as a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. Nonetheless, it is possible to do some light gaming with the Samsung Transform, and this will be discussed in this article, along with information about some of the Samsung Transform accessories you can purchase.

One of the best ways to play games on the Samsung Transform is to purchase a Nesoid, which is a Nintendo NES emulator. This will allow you to play NES roms, or original NES games directly on your Android. This means you have Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario, and similar games at the tip of your fingers once you download them. Its fun, it's easy, and it's retro. What's not to like?

The first of the two accessories, an extra battery, is really useful when you're planning on going out on a long day without having access to any place to plug in a charger to an outlet or a car charger in your vehicle. While the Samsung Transform already comes with a decent amount of battery life, it is still a smart phone, and like any other smart phone, whenever you use it for more than its basic phone capabilities, you will significantly decrease the battery life. To top it off, almost every smart phone on the market these days comes with a bright and large touch screen that is typically at least 3.5 inches across diagonally, and the Samsung Transform is no exception.

Such a large screen inevitably drains battery life, and if you don't have a charger or an extra Samsung Transform battery handy, you can easily run out of juice just when you need it most, which is the fastest way to render even the most useful smart phone useless. Fortunately, such damage is preventable, and if you buy an extra battery, you won't have to worry nearly as much about this happening to you.

The second accessory, a Samsung Transform holster, might sound like a simplistic addition that you can live without, but it is actually a useful addition that you should consider if you're planning on buying a Samsung Transform. This is because the Transform doesn't come with any way of attaching itself to your body directly through the phone; you basically stick it in your pocket and go on your way. Although this may be enough for most people, some of the more traditional users (And you probably are if you are interested in a phone that includes a tactile keyboard), you will probably appreciate having the ability to attach your phone to your person, which is exactly what a holster lets you do.


Dec 07

The LG Optimus is an attractive phone with a touch screen, vibrant 256 colors and a 3 inch TFT display. The phone's exterior comes in a variety of colors including white, gray and pink, so you can feel free to personalize your phone with any color that suits your fancy. In addition to attractive styling, the phone is highly responsive and also incredible accurate with a good sized 600 MHz processor that allows you to swiftly navigate Optimus menus and programs without suffering a noticeable lag apparent on some devices.

The Android 1.6 operating system powers the LP Optimus, along with an S-class interface that has seen some improvements. With this phone, you can even get either the Android home screen or LG's unique variant, as well as customizing your widgets and apps in order to get the interface you are most comfortable with - no longer will you have to search around constantly for your favorite widgets.

With the powerful battery featured in the LG Optimus, you can easily talk for more than 400 minutes before it goes dead, or even 500 hours if you want to keep it on standby. This is great news for you people who are in constant contact with the people on your contacts list - this way, you do not have to scramble for the charger so often. You will also find it easy to navigate the keyboard you can find on the screen, not to mention surfing the Internet.

In addition to a host of other great operating features, the LG Optimus also offers a built-in camera feature like most of today's cell phones. The 3 mega pixel camera is perfectly suited for taking quick pictures on the go. With the LG Optimus, you will never be without a camera, and you can easily load candid shots on Facebook or Myspace with the LG Optimus phone.

Apple's iPhone will certainly not be threatened by the LG Optimus, but it was not designed to compete in such a high end market. LG is offering a superb entry-level smartphone for those just venturing into the market. Users will find it easy to use and well designed for aesthetics and functionality. The average price is around $300, though that price will fluctuate depending on the service provider, the region purchased, and the promotional opportunities/ discounts available when purchased. Regardless, consumers will not be disappointed with the options they will receive for such a relatively modest price.

Dec 07

Don't lie: you chose to buy the Android phone because of all of the different free Android applications that are available for you to play with. You probably started figuring out which applications (or apps) you wanted to download even before you bought your new phone. The biggest problem that you are facing now is deciding which applications are the most worth your time and phone's disk space. This is why you need us. We sifted through all of the free apps in the Android market to find the best ones. We humbly present what we think are the top free Android applications. You might realize such apps entertaining.

My Coupons is a free Android application developed by a company knows as Most Popular Download and is extremely useful for the thrifty Android user. Android phones come with this free app that allows you to receive coupons to use while shopping or even help you find a free meal deal when hunger strikes you. Cashiers are able to scan barcodes that are displayed on your phone or you can print them from any computer and use them the way ordinary coupons are used. For the thrifty shopper and diner this is by far one of the top free Android applications.

FatSecret's Calorie Counter is another great free Android app. It can be found in the lifestyle section of the Android market. Scan a food item's bar code with your camera and then use the app to look up the nutritional value of that item. It is also helpful in restaurants. The best part of this free Android application is that it allows you to track your food intake. If you have to follow a strict diet, you can use this application to help you make sure that you aren't cheating or breaking your diet. So far so good..

There is nothing more frustrating than being out of the house, deciding that you want to see a movie and then having no way of figuring out what is playing nearby or when it starts. Finding the information you needed probably involved spending a long time trying to use your phone's internet browser to search for the information you needed. Ikamobile Movie Finder is the Android app that saves you all of that hassle. Ikamobile Movie Finder is one of the top free Android applications for movie fans. Not only does it help you figure out which movies are playing near you and their showtimes, it has movie trailers and new release information. Fun right?

Playing with free applications is one form of entertainment a smart phone provides. For people who don't want to break the bank on a smart phone, the Android phone is a terrific smart phone. Sifting through all the free Android applications can take hours, so why not let others do the work for you? When we tried out the free apps attainable on the Android market, these were some of our favorites.

Dec 07

With so many great free Android apps, why would you ever choose to buy an app for your phone? There are lots of reasons to decide to purchase an app instead of opting for the free version. The main reason being that the paid Android applications are more extensive than their free counterparts. Often times the free applications are only trial versions of paid applications. Figuring out which are the top paid Android applications can be challenging. There are so many paid apps that choosing the best can be hard! How can you tell which apps will give you the best deal for the money you spend? This article will help you decide which paid apps are most worth your money. Also, in case you're interested in a home telephone, check out VOIPo. Excellent company.

Camera Zoom FX is wonderful for the lover of photography who wants a camera phone to have the same functions as their digital camera. This paid Android app costs around four dollars (it is listed just under two pounds). This app can be cantankerous, but so can a lot of the apps - including the free ones. This application comes with more than forty standard fixes for the photos you take with your Android phone. You are able to balance out the white in your photos, geo-tag the photos you snap, upload your photos to various social networking sites with a single button touch and even perform rapid burst photo shooting. Pretty sweet for a low priced app, don't you think?

If you are looking for a useful and paid application, Discover Pro is only about seven bucks. This application helps you send files from your phone to your computer and vice versa--you can even send them to other phones that are connected to the same wireless network (even if they are not Android phones). This application is incredibly helpful because it cuts down on the amount of time you spend e-mailing files back and forth and helps you get away from your computer when you want to. Another great thing is that you won't be limited to document files. You can share your pictures and other files too!

PhonePlus Callback might not be considered a "must have" but it is a top paid Android application for those who don't want to look rude if they don't pick up a phone call. Three dollars is all you will pay for this app. The idea behind this paid application is that it sends an apology text message to the phone number you refuse. This way you don't have to worry about looking rude if someone calls when you cannot answer the phone. You also have the option of sending an e-mail if the number calling is not connected to a mobile phone. This is just a small number of the top Android applications out there for you to choose from. New ones are being constructed on a daily basis. The reason behind picking a paid application is to see if there is not a better free application that will do the same job. If you absolutely cannot find an equivalent free application, you can spend your money on the more costly application, with a clear mindset. Don't forget to think a few times prior to allocating funds to paid applications. You don't want to blow your money if you don't have to! Lastly, don't forget to read our full VOIPo reviews.


Nov 28

Everybody knows that the best thing about having a smart phone is being able to do all sorts of things with that phone that regular cell phones are not capable of doing. Beyond taking photos and videos, Android phones also have a number of applications available for your entertainment.

Everyday living is improved by the features offered on Android phones. The Android phone is capable of doing almost anything you need it to. The bad news is that there are so many great free applications available that finding those apps can be quite time consuming. To help you save time we have listed a few of the best free Android applications available.

Android is not that hard to learn, so you could develop your own if you're that way inclined. Even mcse certification courses may be including Android as part of it's curriculum. The Smart Tic Tac Toe app is the most downloaded of the top free Android applications in the Android market (as of this writing). This tic tac toe is not the tic tac toe of your childhood (or your boredom filled yesterday afternoon). This form of the game has extra squares for you to play in, which gives you more ways to win and more opportunities for your opponent to defeat you. Winning in this game means having five characters in a line instead of three! This means that the game takes longer to play (and is more fun). The list of apps (and ideas for apps) is almost endless. If you're looking for a change, or just to diversify from mcse work, why not take a closer look? Meebo is one of the top free Android applications for instant messaging. Why is this app so much better than the competition? This single app will take care of all of your IM accounts. You can use it with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ and even Myspace IM. You will even have a Meebo account which will allow you to keep track of your chatting records. This means that, no matter which account you want to access, you only need to log into Meebo (which can be done from any computer).

The free Shop Savvy application is a definite need for every Android phone. To make sure you always get the lowest price, you will want this application.

Before buying an item take a picture of the bar code, using the camera in your Android phone. Use Shop Savvy to upload the photo. Shop Savvy searches the Internet to find the item in different stores. If the item is on sale, Shop Savvy will show you that price. With this application you will know if you are getting the best deal or not. For the software developers amongst us, there's even an app with all the latest MCSE training courses available. The Android Market has so many fantastic free apps that sorting through them and choosing the right ones for you can be very time consuming. It is probably quite tempting to simply download all of the apps available and then sort through them later. Instead of doing this (and wasting your phone's disk space) why not try out a few of the top free Android applications at a time? This saves you time and effort and, because the apps are free, you won't have to spend any money!


Nov 28

For all the heated debates over whether Android is better than iPhone or the other way around, many of us have forgotten that actually, the global market share of both the iPhone and Android combined only provides for 25 % of the market place. In Q1 2010, an amazing 44.3 % of market share belongs to Symbian and Blackberry accounts for 19.8 %. Just for comparison, iPhone comes in at 15.8 % and Android, 9.6 %.

If you are a Symbian user and looking to switch to a new smartphone soon, please do consider these 5 points before making a decision, especially since Verizon is planning to release a few good Android smartphones, such as the Motorola Droid Pro soon!

1. Notifications.

The top of the screen on Android devices is set aside for notifications. In a small strip, you can easily see the time, battery level, signal strength, GPS, WiFi, etc, and a set number of applications programme notifications. On Symbian, this same area takes up twice as many pixels and provides a fraction of the information . This notifications feature is perhaps the most convenient portion of Android, and one that most appraisals overlooked.

On every other platform, new messages, emails, etc pop up and you pretty much have to do some actions with them. With Android, these notifications are tucked out of the way in the notification bar until you draw it down to address them. This allows you to handle things on your own time, rather than cutting off what you are doing at the moment. This also allows you to easily remember what previous notifications you have had.

2. Applications.

The number of application programs on the Android Market and 3rd party applications programmes vastly outnumbered those in the Ovi Store. At last count, the number of Apps on the Android Market exceeds the 100,000 mark. Given that the argument that quantity does not imply quality applies , the fact remains that developing on the Android platform is much more popular than development on Symbian.

While browsing the Android Market, users can click to install an app, and then continue browsing while that applications programme is downloaded and installed in the background. Users are also notified when there are updates available for the applications programmes that are installed , something Symbian doesn't do currently, but hopefully will in time to come.

3. Integration.

This is one major area that Symbian really needs to handle, specifically for Nokia handsets. As part of the process of setting up your Android phones for the first time, the initial setup procedure will cue the user if he has a Google account, and if he wanted to login with it. If the user chooses yes, all the info that is saved with your Google account will be automatically synced with the Android device.

However, on a Symbian device, a Nokia N97 for instance, the user will have to separately download, install, and setup the Ovi Mail, Ovi Contacts, Ovi Calendar, and Ovi Chat accounts. The user also has to repeatedly login to these services, whereas on Android, the user account is always logged in. It's a seamless and intuitive experience for the Android users and one which Symbian users will definitely appreciate.

4. Browsing.

The built-in browser on Android is noticeably faster than the Symbian one, specifically for large sites. It is also much smoother to use, and allows for more accuracy when clicking on links. The Android browser also provides visual bookmarks, which is useful to get a peep at each web page, and these are updated when you open them, too.

5. Platform Updates.

Any updates to Android devices are delivered over-the-air whereas both Nokia and Samsung continue to release firmware updates through their PC-only applications . This may not be an issue to most users but this added convenience provides an additional alternative for users on the go.

Secondly, when you purchase a Symbian-powered smartphone, you get whatever version it comes with -- S60v3, S60v3 Feature Pack 2, S60v5, etc, and that's all you get. Most Android-powered smartphones currently shipped with either v1 .5 or v1 .6 pre-installed, but nearly all of them has been officially scheduled for the newer v2 .0 + upgrade sometimes in the future.

Nov 28

If you're a parent seeking a low cost (but extremely successful) way to maintain monitor of the kids, then you ought to look at an iPhone tracking app, sometimes referred to as an iPhone spy app.

As you possibly are aware, the iPhone will be the most favored cell telephone on the market right now. The latest iPhone 4 sold millions in the very first week, further cementing its place as the most sought right after cell phone. Since the iPhone is a quite well-known device, it's obviously the desire of most children these days. This implies parents can use this as a tool to watch and monitor their little ones by installing an iPhone monitoring application which will report the area of their children at any time.

The way an iPhone tracking app works, is soon after installation, they begin to report GPS coordinates at particular intervals (which commonly you can adjust) or they will enable you to "request" the area of the iPhone user. Results are usually sent to an account that you just set up at time of obtain. This enables you to then log in utilizing any world wide web connected device and view the tracking data.

The cool factor is the fact that these tracking apps will show display the GPS area on a map (usually Google Maps), which indicates it is possible to zoom in, zoom out, get driving direction, and even use Google's Street View alternative to obtain a 360 degree view from the area. There's truly no much better tracking option out there.

An iPhone-tracking application signifies no far more worrying if your kids are in school or when they do not pick up their cell phone whenever you try to call them. With this kind of app, you'll often have a way to find out "exactly" where they're at any given time.

A single factor to point out is that not all of these apps are created equal. Tracking applications will fall into two categories. The primary one being 'visible' and the second 1 being 'hidden' to the user. What this signifies that prior to you invest in an iPhone-tracking application to monitor your youngsters, decide should you want them to know you're monitoring them, or if you'd rather not tell them. In most cases, the visible tracking apps are sold within the App shop, whereas the 'hidden' iPhone monitoring apps are sold outside the App shop.

The best approach to make a decision when you should purchase a visible or hidden application is to ask yourself how your young children will react should you tell them that you have installed an application on their telephone to monitor them in case of an emergency. My guess is the fact that when you make it a condition of having the iPhone, most youngsters won't care. However, if you feel your older little ones will not like the though of mom and dad knowing exactly where they go, then undoubtedly go with the hidden tracking applications.

Regardless of your respective choice, employing an iPhone monitoring application may be the very best way to maintain track of one's youngsters, and that means additional "peace of mind" for you and your spouse.

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